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A person is said to have Superiority Complex when they think they are over confident and have a magnified view of them. They would demean others and treat them in an arrogant manner. Generally one builds Superiority Complex because of his insecurities, guilt or feeling incompetent.

We all go through these situations in our lives where we seek acceptance and validation

We live in a world where there is continuous competition. Often it leads to frustration, depression, and anger. This leaves us into a frenzied state to conform, excel, and represent ourselves based on the image that society has asked of us.

Superiority Complex: 5 signs a person

  1. Seeking validation: Students will have a feeling of low self-worth which is a part of their behaviour. They only feel good or worthy enough if others see them as much.
  2. Unable to Take Criticism: Teens never take Criticism. They believe that criticism will not be helpful or beneficial for them.
  3. Sense of Entitlement: Young adults feel they are privileged to more love, attention and recognition than others. At times they attach this to a skill set or trait which they believe useful than others.
  4. Lack of empathy: People with Superiority Complex are not compassionate towards others as they are surrounded with their own insecurities. These people are preoccupied with their own self interests.
  5. They face anxiety issues: People with this order often develop anxiety issues from various things. There is a conflict between their true self and the projected image. It is always difficult for them to cope with the two personalities. 

A person having Superiority Complex should not be considered as an awful person and be discarded. Using right set of tools they can be lead to healthy and valuable relationships with those around them.

Superiority Complex Signs – How To Deal With Them.

  • Accept your mistakes and recognize the signs.
  • Do not judge others and degrade them, try to control your feedback. 
  • Be open to listening and control the urge to be in charge of situations. 
  • People around you, remember how you make them feel. If you only make out criticism, you’ll be labeled mean and your feedback will be dismissed as negativity.

Normally, one suffering a superiority complex does not need psychiatric help, unless the Superiority complex completely takes over their personality. The Superiority complex can be a result of interactions at school or social functions. By following the above, you can display emotional intelligence to those around you. Once you understand what superiority complex is, you can equip yourself to conquer it.

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If a student is taught that his own success is guaranteed, he will often be reluctant to accept suggestion or help from others. Teachers / colleagues might feel that this person can’t take criticism, so they will tend to avoid offering suggestions. The result is that students become isolated, afraid of change and unwilling to accept feedback in order to improve.

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People with superiority complexes often exhibit aggression, impatience, and anger.