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Question : I am in class 11, most of the time I don’t want to study. I keep thinking about what I should do after the 12th. I am on social media the whole day. I want to control this but can’t. What should I do?Teentalker , 17-year-old

Dear Teentalker,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your concern.

You will need some re-planning re-prioritizing currently. The focus needs to be your Grade 11 and then on what you should do post Grade 12. Once you are in Grade 12, take one subject at a time- Set Goals- going forward with a goal is essential. For now, make small goals of completing assignments or tasks. You need to reflect inward and check if something has been bothering you which you haven’t addressed. Sometimes underlying unresolved concerns cause us to lose interest too. Identify your stressors.

 – Keep your phone away while you sit to study.

 – Take frequent breaks.

– Make sure you are sleeping enough and eating nutritious meals.

– Try exercising or taking up a sport. This will help you bring your focus back.

– Do activities of interest to you.

– List your interests and hobbies and make a list.

 – List your strengths.

– List career options you may have in mind already even if it seems a blur

Stay positive and even though your grades may have deflated, you can improve and get better at it. In case the confusion is too much with regards to career, reach out to a career counselor in your city. If you are unable to cope, working out your challenges with a trained counselor will help you navigate your path with ease by dealing with emotional as well as academic concerns.

Tips for a Smartphone/Digital Detox

 – Go in your settings and turn the notification sound off.

– Make a conscious decision to put your phone away when you are eating or in social gatherings. This also helps in finally starting to connect to the real world people around you.

– Do an app clean up.

– Make it a rule to not carry your phone to the washroom.

 – Switch your phone off before sleeping. The earth will still rotate, I promise!

– Start wearing a wristwatch instead of checking the time on your phone.

– During exams, consider switching to a more basic phone and you will realize how much more you can achieve in the day.

As challenging as it may seem to disconnect, it can be done if you make that choice. A digital detox is necessary if your smartphone is interfering with your life. Look up! You know you can do this!

Hope this helps, If you have any other query, feel free to come online for chat from 11am – 7pm (Mon.-Sat.) or drop us an offline message.


Expert Teentalkindia