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Panic attacks can happen anytime and anywhere without any warning. Thus, if your friend or loved one suffers from them, it is important to understand what triggers their state of fear and how to help them. 

Symptoms of a Panic attack:

  • intense fear 
  • feeling very hot or cold
  • sense of doom 
  • sweating or chills
  • Shaking
  • pounding heart
  • difficulty breathing
  • head and chest pain

Identify symptoms

  • Your friend may start avoiding crowded places like  shopping malls. They will also avoid certain situations. They may also start avoiding social gatherings. 
  • They may also avoid physical exercise as it may trigger panic attack 
  • They will avoid going anywhere alone and will always look for company of a person they trust. 
  • It can be observed that they avoid certain foods or drinks  like sugar, alcohol which may cause panic. 

Help a Friend having Panic Attack:

  • Remain calm:  Remaining calm and not getting stressed is very important.  Please help your friend by getting comfortable by making them sit or lie down. 
  • Using positive affirmations : using the correct language is very important. Keep your sentences short and simple. Using  positive sentences like 
  • “You can get through this”
  • Deep breathing : Remind your loved one to take slow deep breaths. You can also do the breathing with them. 
  • Help your friend seek professional help : helping your friend find a mental health professional, a trained yoga instructor, an online or offline support group. Suggesting self help book can be helpful as well. 
  • Don’t be critical or judgmental : Don’t blame the person for having a Panic attack. Being supportive helps to bring a positive change in the right direction. 
  • Take them to a dietitian: Taking the friend to a certified dietitian can be another good way to help him. Diet plays a important role in our physical and mental well-being. Being well informed about the dietary changes is an important part. 

You can also seek guidance with our experts by clicking on “Chat With Us.”